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Free Learn Blogger in Urdu and Hindi

BloggerIn this Course you can learn Complete Learn Blogger (Basic to Advanced Level) in Urdu Language and Hindi Language with Video Tutorial By Sir Muhammad Niaz. You can learn how to make your Blogger blog (Completely), Blogger Overview, Blogger Post, Blogger Pages, Blogger Comments, Blogger Google+ Setting, Blogger Stats, Blogger Earnings, Blogger Campaigns, Blogger Layout, Blogger Template, Blogger Setting, Blogger SEO, Add Next and Previous Pagination, Blog Marked as Spam Solutions, Setup a Custom Domain, Edit HTML Video, Remove Scbscribe to Post, SEO Friendly Templates, Customize Template, Google Hummingbird, Panda and Penguin Algorithms, SEO Keyword Research, SEO Link Building, Build an Efficient SEO Strategy, Compressing CSS Images, SEO Best Tools, Google FeedBurner, SEO Tip for Blogger Post Title, Index site in Search Engines, Robots.TXT File, SEO Meta Tags, SEO Optimize Images, Submit Blog Sitemap to Bing Webmaster, Submit Blog Sitemap to Google Webmaster, Webmaster Tools, Analytic Tools, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Choose a best domain Name, choose a best Title and Description, choose a best Keywords, Blogger Settings, add Google Visitors Tracking code, new interface for your Blogger, Blog add in Best Search Engines, Selecting Best Theme, Backup and Restore Blogs, Make Money with Blog and many more, so Watch, Learn and must Share with your Friends.

Topic List (Click on any lesson and Watch Video tutorial)
مطلوبہ سبق پہ کلک کریں نئی پوسٹ میں اسکی وڈیوز آجائےگی۔

1. What is Blogger
2. Create Google Account for Blogger
3. Create Blog
4. Overview of Blogger Dashboard
5. Change Blogger Template
6. Blogger Basic Settings
7. Posts and Comments Settings
8. Mobile and Email Settings
9. Language and Formatting Settings
10. Search Preferences Settings (SEO Meta Tags/Robots.TXT File)
11. Import, Export and Delete Blog
12. Blog Other Settings
13. Create SEO Friendly Post
14. Add Labels in Menu Bar
15. Add menu and Sub  Menu to Navigation Bar
16. Add or Change Favicon
17. Configure (Customize) Header
18. Configure Blog Posts
19. Google+ Settings
20. Comments Settings
21. Create Pages and Differences between posts and pages
22. Blogger Stats
23. Add/Remove Gadgets
24. Blogger Default Gadgets
25. Blog add in Best Search Engines
26 . Index site in Google Search Engine
27. Add Blog in Yahoo and Bing Search Engine
28. Add Site in Yandex Search Engine
29. Submit Blog Sitemap to Google Webmaster

30. Submit Blog Sitemap to Bing/Yahoo Webmaster
31. Submit Blog Sitemap to Yandex Webmaster
32. SEO Optimize Images
33. Add Facebook Page Plugin (Like Box)
34. Edit Social Media Links in Blogger Template
35. HTTPS Settings
36. Disable Text Selection
37. Disable Right Click
38. Remove Locked Gadget
39. Earnings
40. Place Ads
41. Put ads Below Post title and Post Footer
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Webmaster Tools
Analytic Tools
Choose a best domain Name
choose a best Title and Description
choose a best Keywords
Customize Template
add Google Visitors Tracking code
new interface for your Blogger
Best Theme
SEO Keyword Research
Make Money with Blog
Add Next and Previous Pagination
Blog Marked as Spam Solutions
Setup a Custom Domain
Edit HTML Video
Remove Subscribe to Post
SEO Friendly Templates
SEO Link Building
Build an Efficient SEO Strategy
Compressing CSS Images
SEO Best Tools
Google FeedBurner
Google Hummingbird, Panda and Penguin Algorithms
and many more

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