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Create Pages and Differences between posts and pages in Blogger

Posts vs. Pages Cover

This is Blogger Class NO# 21, in this video tutorial you can learn how to Create Edit Blogger Pages and Differences Between Posts and Pages in Urdu Language and Hindi Language By Sir Muhammad Niaz. blogger users get confused between posts and pages. users always wonder when to use post and when to consume pages because these two options are pretty much identical to each other. It appears to have a similar sort of dashboard. so Watch Learn and Share with your Friends.

Create Pages & Differences between posts and pages

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  1. aslamoalaikum bhi kia pages zrori hoty han website ka lya

  2. ap se kuch kam tha mujy plzz help me

  3. aisi post main Bataya hai and 14 and 15 Class Dekh li jiye ga

  4. naiz bhai how ot share post in same blog but on another page .

    like when i create a new post and publish it .this post only show on home page .if i want to show this post on games(pages) so what will i do?

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