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Comments Setting in Blogger in Urdu and Hindi

Blogger Comments Setting Cover

This is Blogger Class NO# 20, in this video tutorial you can learn how to Comment Settings to your Blogspot Blog in Urdu and Hindi Language by Sir Muhammad Niaz. There are 3 options in Comments Setting (Published, Awaiting moderation and Spam). The ability to moderate comments gives you control over the kind of messages people leave on your blog. Blogger now filters comments that are likely spam comments to a Spam Inbox, much like the spam folder in your email. When someone leaves a comment on your blog, it will be reviewed against Blogspot spam detector, and comments that are identified as possible spam will be sent to there blog’s Spam Inbox… for more learn Watch this video tutorial and Share with your Friends.

Blogger Comments Setting

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  1. Walikum Salam Muhammad Saqib
    ye Template ka apna Option hota hai
    osi Tab kehte hai
    Comment Recent Papolar

  2. Walikum Salam AJ Sahi
    ap ne Google+ ke Comment Select kiye honge is waja se

  3. sir as website par plugins show nahi kar hahi pleace help me

  4. you’re Welcome also Share with your Friends

  5. Dear Perfect Money main use nahi kerta

  6. Walikum Salam Hamad
    Rename your USB drive as “RAM DRIVE” or something similar, so you can see which drive is being used as RAM.
    Delete all the stuff on the flash drive. Check for hidden files.
    Right click on My Computer, and go to Properties. Once there, click on Advanced and go to the system output’s Settings.
    Click on Advanced, and then Edit.
    Click on your thumb drive above, and select “user-defined size.” Here you can see the size of your flash drive.
    Calculate the size of the flash drive, and subtract 5 Mb.
    Type this number in the first box. In the second box, type in the same number.
    Click Set and confirm all your settings, applying them wherever you can.
    Restart your computer.

  7. Walikum Salam Hamad
    But Mare Website main to GTA IV RAR format hai
    ISO main nahi hai

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