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Index Site in Yahoo & Bing Search Engine in Urdu Hindi

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This is Blogger Class NO# 27, in this video tutorial you can learn how to submit A Site to Yahoo Search Engine and Bing Search Engine in Urdu Language and Hindi Language. With Bing Webmaster Tools you can improve your site’s performance in search Engine. Webmaster Help provides you with assistance for Bing Webmaster Tools and guidelines on how to be successful in search for Bing. Yahoo and Bing have a combined 32% of search engine traffic. So if you want the most website visitors, then you need to get your website submitted to them. Yahoo and Bing have their own versions called Yahoo SiteExplorer and Bing Webmaster Central. You can also Add Blog in Google Search Engine. so Watch Learn and Share with your Friends.

Add Blog in Yahoo Bing Search Engine

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