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Free Learn Adobe Photoshop in Urdu and Hindi

Adobe Photoshop

In This Course you can Free Learn Complete Adobe Photoshop in Urdu and Hindi Language (Basic to advanced Level) with Video Tutorial. You can also learn to Work on Default Tools, Text Effect, Default Filter and Blending. Following are the topics you just click on the topic and Learn Adobe Photoshop easily through Videos.

Topic List (Click on any lesson and Watch Tutorial)
مطلوبہ سبق پہ کلک کریں نئی پوسٹ میں اسکی وڈیوز آجائےگی۔

1. What is Adobe Photoshop
2. What are Digital Images and Graphics
3. Kinds of Digital images
4. What is Color’s Mode
5. Tour of Adobe Workspace
6. Creating New Canvas
Extra. Save Files

7. Working with Option Bar
8. Working with Tools Box
9. Change Eyes, Tie & Background Color
10. Smooth Skin
11. Clean Moustache
12. Clean Pimple
13. Dream Effect
14. Brush Stroke
15. Change Dress Color
16. Cutout with Hairs
17. Create ID card Photos Size
18. Images are merging
19. B&W Image Convert into Digital Image
20. Clouds Effect
21. Electricity Effect
22. Fabric Effect
23. Flag Effect
24. Water Effect
25. Planet Effect
26. Stone Effect
27. Create Brush

28. Wire Effect
29. Pattern Effect
30. Candy Effect
31. Fire Effect

32. Grass Effect
33. Cactus Effect
34. O-Line Effect
35. Urdu in PS

36. 3D Effect
37. Bakery Effect
38. Digital Effect
39. Glass Effect
40. Gold Effect
41. Image in Text Effect
42. Lava Effect
43. Marble Effect
44. Metal Dark
45. Metal Chrome Effect
46. Neon Effect
47. Pixel Effect
48. Puncture Effect
49. Soften skin
50. Panaflex

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