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Free Learn CorelDRAW in Urdu and Hindi

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In this Course you can learn Complete CorelDRAW (Basic to Advanced Level) in Urdu Language OR Hindi Language with Video Tutorials By Sir Muhammad Niaz. you can learn What is CorelDRAW and what is Graphics, Overview of CorelDRAW, working on tools with practical and theoretical, learn about Document & Page navigation, Object Terminology, Drawing Basic Shapes and Advanced Shapes, learn about Selecting Object, Grouping & Aligning the Object, Duplicating Objects, Color filling and mixing, Working with text and also Urdu Text and Arabic, Projects, Exercises,  Business card, Brochures, Flyers/Leaflets, Labels, Logo, CD label and cover, Newspaper Ads, Printing and many many more. so keep learning & must share it wth your friends and Family. and Remember me in your Prayers.

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Topic List (Click on any lesson and Watch Video tutorial)

مطلوبہ سبق پہ کلک کریں نئی پوسٹ میں اسکی وڈیوز آجائےگی۔

1. What is CorelDRAW
2. Tour of CorelDRAW Interface
3. Pick Tool
4. Freehand Pick Tool
5. Free Transform Tool
6. Shapes Tool
7. Smooth Tool
8. Smear Tool
9. Twirl Tool
10. Attrect Tool
11. Repel Tool
12. Smudge Tool
13. Roughen Tool
14. Crop Tool
15. Knife Tool
16. Virtual Segment Delete Tool
17. Eraser Tool
18. Zoom Tool
19. Pan Tool
20. Freehand Tool
21. 2-Point Line Tool
22. Bezier Tool
23. Pen Tool
24. B-Spline Tool
25. Polyline Tool
26. 3-Point Curve Tool
27. Smart Drawing Tool
28. Artisitic Media Tool
29. Rectangles Tool
30. 3-Point Rectangles Tool
31. Ellipses Tool
32. 3-Point Ellipses Tool
33. Polygon Tool
34. Star Tool
35. Complex Star Tool
36. Graph Paper Tool
37. Spiral Tool
38. Basic Shapes Tool
39. Arrow Shapes Tool
40. Flowchart Shapes Tool
41. Banner Shapes Tool
42. Callout Shapes Tool
43. Text Tool
44. Table Tool
45. Parallel Dimension Tool
46. Horizontal OR Vertical Dimension Tool
47. Angular Dimension Tool
48. Segment Dimension Tool
49. 3-Point Callout Tool
50. Straight-Line Connector Tool
51. Right-Angle Connector Tool
52. Rounded Right-Angle Connector Tool
53. Edit Anchor Tool
54. Drop Shadow Tool
55. Contour Tool
56. Blend Tool
57. Distort Tool
58. Envelope Tool
59. Extrude Tool
60. Transparency Tool
61. Color Eyedropper Tool
62. Attributes Eyedropper Tool
63. Interactive Fill Tool
64. Interactive Fill Tool
65. Smart Fill Tool
66. Outline Pen Tool
67. File Menu
68. Edit Menu
69. Layout Menu
70. Object Menu
71. Effect Menu
72. Bitmaps Menu
73. Text Menu
74. Table Menu
75. Tool Menu
76. Windows menu
77. Help Menu
Practical/Exercise and many more

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