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Using Polyline Tool in CorelDRAW X7

Polyline Tool icon in CorelDRAW X7

This is CorelDRAW X7 Class NO 25, in this video tutorial you can learn how to working with Polyline tool, Freehand Smoothing, Wrap Text, Polyline close curve, Start, End and No arrowhead, Line Style, Outline width, Auto-close curve, Break apart, Mirror Horizontally & Vertically, Angle of Rotation, Lock ratio, scale factor, object size, object position, object origin and many more. Polyline tool Draw connected curves and straight lines in one continuous action. You can hold down Ctrl in conjunction with Alt to constrain the arc to 15-degree increments or another predefined angle, called a constrain angle. For information about changing the constrain angle.

Class 25: Polyline Tool

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