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I am Weapon Highly Compressed PC Game Free Download

I am Weapon Cover

I am Weapon: The world of nightmares is mysterious and amazing, it scares and fascinates at the same time. The laws of real world are not valid in here. Here you are absolutely alone and it seems there are too many secrets to reveal. And this dreadful feeling as if somebody is constantly watching you.

What if you become filled with the nightmares and the only chance to save yourself are the memories – the only thing that connects you with the real world. The fragments from your real life are in danger so is your future! Protect the memories by any means, otherwise it’s all over.
I am weapon – is a game, comprising all the best from Action and Tower Defense genres – destroy the monsters, improve the skills, buy new weapons and build up defense constructions, that will help you to get out of the dream world and understand the reasons of what has happened.
You got used to see them in a circus and laugh at them. So now it all changed the other way round. Don’t let them laugh at you! Be the weapon to win the fight with your nightmares in totally absurd dream!

  • Unreal mixture of Action and Tower Defense.
  • Super dynamic single-player Campaign of your dream! + Survival mode.
  • Wide variety of unusual enemies – all types of infuriated clowns you could ever imagine! Their laugh makes you go crazy!
  • Different kinds of real weapons to kill all unreal creatures around. Wide variety of ammunition, including the newest invisible sack to carry all you need around.
  • Various types of towers, providing solid defense, let you distract and destroy the enemy, getting bonuses same time. I bet each tower is a technical masterpiece worth to get explored!
  • The latest innovations in health improvement sphere such as complex regeneration implants, etc. will raise you from the dead and make you way much stronger.
  • Your skills are close to supernatural: control the soul pulling with directional gravitational impulses, use cybernetic guidance and stabilization system built-in your body to find the vulnerable spot fast and easy. Check them all!
  • Upgrade yourself and break through the crowd of these laughing bastards!
  • Visit the store and choose a hat that exactly contributes to the way you feel right here right now. The assortment is more than impressive
  • Totally unbelievable settings will blow your mind and make you stay longer at least to investigate what’s next!
  • Check out the storyline in comics built-in the game!
  • Music keeps you inside same time doesn’t distract from your main mission.

System= Pentium IV CPU 2.0 GHz
RAM= 512 MB
Size= 210.7 MB
Video Memeory= 96 MB
OS= Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 and Windows 8

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  1. Sir! I need proshow gold 5 with serial key. I know you have proshow
    gold 4.5 in your site but I need proshow gold 5 with serial key. so plz
    sir uplioad it. And i have img file of video but i can’t open it i have
    been tried nero, img disc burn, iso burning softwares but can’t open it
    so if you know that how can it open so plz tell me… i will wait for
    your reply thanks sir.

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