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Chicken Invaders Games Collection Free Download

Chicken Invaders PC Games Collection If you re looking for a space-shooter game with a dose of humor, turn to Chicken Invaders. True to its name, this program is similar to Space Invaders, only you must blast chickens instead of aliens and avoid eggs instead of missiles. Other than that twist, gameplay is rather standard for this type of program, although …

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Action Man Destruction X PC Game Free Download

Action Man Destruction X The master criminal Dr. X is up to his old tricks again! This time he has hatched a geo strategic plan to steal valuable scientific secrets and take over the world! Only Action Man can stop him!  Seek out Dr. X on a trail through three different cities around the world. Using a variety of vehicles in …

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3D Driving School PC Game Free Download

3D driving School pass your driver’s test with ease, You want to make your driver’s licence and save time and money? Why not exercising with a simulator anyway! Get familiar with everyday traffic conditions without risking damages and tickets. Or simply enjoy the breathtaking 3D worlds of 3D Driving School. System= Pentium III CPU 733 MHz RAM= 128 MB Size= 81 …

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Angry Birds Star Wars PC Game Free Download

Angry Birds Star Wars is an action video game, a crossover between the Star Wars franchise and the Angry Birds series of video games, launched on November 8, 2012, first for Windows, iOS and Android devices, later also to Mac and BlackBerry. The game is the fifth Angry Birds game in the series and was first revealed on the Angry …

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Zuma’s Revenge PC Game Free Download

Zuma’s Revenge is a Pacific Island themed tile matching puzzle video game developed and published by PopCap Games. It was released for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X on September 15, 2009 as a sequel to the earlier Zuma, and was later ported to Windows Phone. It features high-definition graphics, new levels and ‘power-ups,’ several new features, as well as …

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