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Shoot Many Robots PC Game Free Download

Shoot Many Robots Cover

Shoot Many Robots Game Information

Shoot Many Robots is a downloadable Video Game.¬†Shoot Many Robots is an action platformer game. Players start in the character’s RV, where they may equip their character with five items: one weapon that will have unlimited ammunition in the game, a special weapon with limited ammo, and hats, pants, and backpacks that can boost performance statistics such as damage given or health or impart special abilities such as slide attacks or a jetpack. They then select a stage to complete, generally following stages in a linear order, but players can return to a previously completed stage.

There are two types of stages. The most common requires the players to make their way through a level from start to finish, often ending on a final boss or a large rush of robots. Checkpoints are laid out through the course, so that if all players die, they will respawn at the last checkpoint passed. The other type of stage is a survival one, where players attempt to withstand several rounds of increasingly difficult enemies; as long as the player makes it through the first wave, they will have succeeded, but gain better rewards for lasting through bonus stages.
Players fight off robots by using their weapons, a melee attack, or any special attacks granted by their load-out. The robots have various offensive and defensive mechanism that the players must work around. Some will fire special slow-moving but powerful bullets that can only be stopped by melee attacking them back to the robot that fired them. Other robots are near impervious to attacks from one side, but are vulnerable to attacks from the opposite side. The player has a health meter that will drain when they are hit. If they take too much damage they will collapse; in multiplayer games, another player can revive them, otherwise they will start back at the last checkpoint. The player begins a level with a number of bottles of beer that can be taken to restore health.
Robots will drop nuts on dying; this is the game’s currency which can be used to buy new equipment. Sometimes robots or special boxes will drop crates that contain tickets with which to purchase new equipment, or a large quantity of nuts. These rewards are tied to a player and can only be picked up by that player. Additionally, power-ups may be dropped by the robots, some giving temporary boosts like extra speed or attack damage, while others restore beer or special ammo. Killing each robot also boosts the player’s experience level, which affects what equipment the player will have access to.

Shoot Many Robots Screenshots

Shoot Many Robots PC Game ScreenshotsShoot Many Robots Game ImagesShoot Many Robots Video Game Images

Shoot Many Robots Official Game Trailer

Shoot Many Robots System Requirements

System= Pentium IV CPU 2.4 GHz
Size= 629.6 MB
Video Memeory= 128 BM
OS= Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 and Windows 8

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