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Free Learn Complete Microsoft Excel in Urdu and Hindi

Learn Microsoft Excel Learning Cover
Learn Microsoft Excel

In This Course you can Free Learn Microsoft Excel 2013 in Urdu and Hindi Language (Basic to advanced Level with Video Tutorial by Sir Muhammad Niaz.

Learn Microsoft Excel, Tour of Excel Workspace, The Work Book Window, Resizing the Work Book Window, Navigating in Work Sheet, Working with Menu and Dialog Boxes, Working with Shortcut Menus, Working with Quick Access Tool Bar, Working with Formula Bar  Exiting Microsoft Excel, Creating New Files & Templates, Opening and Saving Files, Making Selections, Entering Data, Entering Numeric Values, Entering Text Values, Editing Replacing and Deleting Data, Using undo and Redo, Creating Formula, Precedence of Operators, Using Cell References in Formula, Using Sheet References in Formula, Editing Formulas, Using Text Values in Formula, Selecting and Deleting All Work Sheet Data, Assigning Names to Ranges Using Auto Sum Functions, Using Functions Assigning and Removing Formats, Formatting Numbers and Text, Horizontal Text Alignment, Centering Text across Columns, The Fill Option, Justify and Wrap Text Option, Vertical Text Alignment, Text Orientation and Rotation, Formatting Fonts, Adding Color’s Patterns, Adding Graphics Background to Worksheet, Apply Conditional Formatting, Merging Cells, Controlling Column Width,  Controlling Row Height,  Auto Format Option, Copying and Moving Data, Copying Formulas, Copying and Moving Columns, Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns (Mouse), Filling and Creating Series, Clearing Cell Constants and Formats, Inserting Columns and Row, Deleting Cell, Rows and Columns, Filling Cell Ranges with Data, Finding Data, Replacing Data, Spelling Check, Controlling the Appearance of Pages, Printing Sheets, Creating a New Chart, Formatting & Editing Charts, Selective Pasting, Working with Multiple Workbooks, Sorting Lists, Using Filter to Analyze Lists, Pivot Table and many more

Learn Microsoft Excel Topic List (Click on any lesson and Watch Tutorial)

مطلوبہ سبق پہ کلک کریں نئی پوسٹ میں اسکی وڈیوز آجائےگی۔

1. Start Microsoft Excel
2. Tour of Excel Workspace
3. The Work Book Window
4. Resizing the Work Book Window
5. Navigating in Work Sheet
6. Working with Menu & Dialog Boxes
7. Working with Shortcut Menus

8. Working with Quick Access Tool Bar
9. Working with Formula Bar
10. Exiting Microsoft Excel
11. Creating New Files & Templates
12. Opening & Saving Files
13. Making Selections
14. Entering Data

15. Entering Numeric Values
16. Entering Text Values
17. Editing Replacing & Deleting Data
18. Using undo and Redo
19. Creating Formula
20. Precedence of Operators
21. Using Cell References in Formula

22. Using Sheet References in Formula
23. Editing Formulas
24. Using Text Values in Formula
25. Selecting & Deleting All Work Sheet Data
26. Assigning Names to Ranges
27. Using Auto Sum Functions
28. Using Functions

29. Assigning & Removing Formats
30. Formatting Numbers & Text
31. Horizontal Text Alignment
32. Centering Text across Columns
33. The Fill Option
34. Justify & Wrap Text Option
35. Vertical Text Alignment

36. Text Orientation and Rotation
37. Formatting Fonts
38. Adding Custom Borders
39. Adding Color’s Patters
40. Adding Graphics Background to Worksheet
41. Apply Conditional Formatting
42. Merging Cells

43. Controlling Column Width
44. Controlling Row Height
45. Auto Format Option
46. Copying & Moving Data
47. Copying Formulas
48. Copying & Moving Columns
49. Inserting & Deleting Rows & Columns (Mouse)

50. Filling & Creating Series
51. Clearing Cell Constants & Formats
52. Inserting Columns & Row
53. Deleting Cell, Rows & Columns
54. Filling Cell Ranges with Data

55. Finding Data
56. Replacing Data
57. Spelling Check
58. Controlling the Appearance of Pages
59. Printing Sheets
60. Creating a New Chart
61. Formatting & Editing Charts

62. Paste Special

63. Working with Multiple Workbooks

64. Freeze Panes

 65. Sorting Lists

 66. Using Filter to Analyze Lists

67. Pivot Table

68. Text to Columns

69. Data Validation

70. Password

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

Exercise 4

Exercise 5

Exercise 6

Exercise 7

Exercise 8

Exercise 9

Exercise 10
many more..

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