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Free Learn Microsoft Word in Urdu and Hindi

Microsoft Word Layout
In This Course you can Free Learn Complete Microsoft Word 2003 in Urdu and Hindi Language (Basic to advanced Level) with Video Tutorial by Sir Muhammad Niaz. You can what is Microsoft Word, Tour of Word, Creating New Files and Templates, Opening & Saving Files, Text Selection and Change Text Size, Using Bold, Italic and Underline, Formatting Fonts and Text Alignment, Using Undo and Redo, Using Cut, Copy and Paste, Spelling Check, Finding Data and Replacing Data, Types of Menu, Inserting Date, Time and Page Number, Using Word Art, Clip Art and Auto Shapes, Working with Drawing Tools, Change Text Color and Highlight, Apply Border and Shading, Apply Bullets and Numbering, Using Header and Footer, Apply Graphics Background in Documents, Using Change Case, Change Language, Creating Formatting & Editing Table, Creating Formatting & Editing Charts, Working with Multiple Documents, Printing Documents and many more.

Topic List (Click on any lesson and Watch Tutorial)
مطلوبہ سبق پہ کلک کریں نئی پوسٹ میں اسکی وڈیوز آجائےگی۔

1. Start Microsoft Word
2. Tour of Word
3. Creating New Files & Templates
4. Opening & Saving Files
5. Text Selection & Change Text Size

6. Using Bold, Italic & Underline
7. Formatting Fonts & Text Alignment
8. Using Undo and Redo
9. Using Cut, Copy & Paste
10. Spelling Check

11. Finding Data & Replacing Data
12. Types of Menu
13. Inserting Date, Time & Page Number
14. Using Word Art, Clip Art & Auto Shapes
15. Working with Drawing Tools

16. Change Text Color & Highlight
17. Apply Border & Shading
18. Apply Bullets & Numbering
19. Using Header and Footer
20. Apply Graphics Background in Documents

21. Using Change Case
22. Change Language
23. Creating, Formatting & Editing Table
24. Creating, Formatting & Editing Charts
25. Working with Multiple Documents
26. Printing Documents

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