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Halo 2 PC Game Free Download


Halo 2 is a First Person shooter PC Video Game. Halo 2 features a newly-built graphics engine with the addition of new elements to the game. Halo 2 features an immense and epic single player mode, as the story picks up shortly after the ending of the first game. The story delves deeper into the society of the Covenant, their goals, beliefs, and alliances, as well as continuing Master Chief’s story to put an end to the Covenant threat on Earth as well as another Halo ring. Halo 2 also introduces the Brutes, they are shown in-campaign as large, hairy, ape-like beasts; although they do not sport Energy Shields like the Elites, their immense bulk and strength still yield them as formidable foes.

Halo 2 Game Screenshots

Halo 2 PC Game ScreenshotsHalo 2 Video Game ScreenshotHalo 2 Game Images

System= Pentium IV CPU 2.4 GHz
Size= 1.72 GB
Video Memory= 128 MB
OS= Windows Vista 7 and Windows 8

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