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Dark Souls PC Game Free Download

Dark Souls Cover

Dark Souls a new role-playing game from the company FromSoftware, created the game Demon’s Souls. In Dark Souls you will meet many familiar elements: the universe in the style of “dark fantasy”, dark dungeons, battles with terrifying enemies and unique ability to interact with other players. Dark Souls – it is not a direct continuation of Demon’s Souls, but rather a spiritual successor to the game. Get ready to see a new, immerse yourself in the world of despair, which you can freely explore. Get ready to hear a new, mysterious story, the plot is developed around the royal crown and the dying flame in the heart of the world. But above all, be prepared to die. You will find many deadly traps, swarms of grotesque monsters, incredibly powerful demons and dragons. To cope with the trials of this unforgiving world, you have to learn to fatal errors. But you are not alone. In Dark Souls in your world may appear the souls of other players, so you can learn from their failures, and they, in turn, on your own. In addition, you will be able to summon players or intrude into other people’s worlds to fight in PVP-battles. In Dark Souls there are bonfires, which act as save points. During the rest by the fire your health and mana restored, and all the enemies respawn. Remember: Dark Souls no truly safe place. As the game difficulty level will increase, so that Dark Souls will be your most serious challenge in the game this year. Can you survive the thousands of deaths and perpetuate his legacy?

System= Dual Core CPU 2.6 GHz
Size= 3.74
Video Memeory= 384 MB
OS= Windows XP Vista 7 and Windows 8

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