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God of War 1 PC Game Free Download

God-of-War-1-Cover-Free-Download God of War 1 Game Information

God of War 1 is a third person action adventure video game developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Muhammad Niaz. The gameplay of God of War focuses on combo-based combat, achieved through the player’s main weapon the Blades of Chaos and a secondary weapon acquired later in the game. It features quick time events that require the player to complete various game controller actions in a timed sequence to defeat stronger enemies and bosses. The player can use up to four magical attacks and a power enhancing ability as alternative combat options. It also features puzzles and platforming elements.
God of War is a third-person single player video game viewed from a fixed camera perspective. The player controls the character Kratos in combo based combat, platforming, and puzzle game elements, and battles foes who primarily stem from Greek mythology, including undead soldiers, harpies, Minotaur, Medusa and her Gorgons, cyclopes, wraiths, satyrs, centaurs, cerberuses, and boss opponents the Hydra and a giant Minotaur known as Pandora’s Guardian. Platforming elements require the player to climb walls and ladders, jump across chasms, swing on ropes, and balance across beams to proceed through sections of the game. Some puzzles are simple, such as moving a box so that the player can use it as a jumping off point to access a pathway unreachable with normal jumping, but others are more complex, such as finding several items across different areas of the game to unlock one door.

God of War Game Screenshots

God of War 1 System Requirements

System= Pentium IV CPU 2.8 GHz
RAM= 512 MB
Size= 195.2 MB
Video Memeory= 128 MB
OS= Windows XP (SP3) Windows Vista 7 and Windows 8

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