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Shank 2 PC Game Free Download

Shank 2 Game Cover Shank 2 Game Information

Shank 2 is a sequel to a 2D side-scrolling beat ’em up video game¬†with a comic book art style. The player once more controls Shank, using his three different weapon types: a set of knives, a heavy melee weapon and a ranged weapon. The player can collect temporary-use weaponry from fallen enemies, such as crates, fish and cleavers, and also has a supply of munitions, which expands upon the original game, which featured only grenades, by also providing Molotov cocktails and proximity mines, which are selectable depending on player preference and availability mid-stage.

Shank has other attacks such as multiple grapple attacks, the ability to throw enemies, and a pounce maneuver, in which he jumps in the air and lands on a nearby enemy. A major addition to the game is the ability to perform counterattacks, in which Shank turns an enemy’s attack against them, for example by grabbing a baseball bat midswing and striking the enemy with it, or twisting a pistol around so the enemy is shot instead of the player.

The multiplayer portion of Shank 2 is a survival mode in which two players face off against an endless succession of enemy units, whilst defending supply stations from occasional enemy demolitions men.

Notably, Shank 2 features a far more zoomed-out camera positioning than the original, meaning combat areas are larger and allow for more mobility within the flow of combat. Furthermore, whilst the original game featured a stand-in-place Block state and a large number of static moves during which the player was invincible, Shank 2 removes the mid-action invulnerability and static dodge, forcing the player to rely on timed rolls and mobile evasion. Enemy variety has been greatly increased from the original, including small-sized enemies.

Shank 2 also features a playable female character, Corina, who features in both story missions and Survival mode. Her animations and combat styles differ from Shanks. Though she still uses the same arsenal of two knives, a heavy weapon, and a ranged weapon, her choices are different. In general, her style uses faster but weaker attacks, and involves acrobatic motions over brute strength.

Shank 2 Game Screenshots

Shank 2 PC Game ScreenshotsShank 2 Video Game ScreenshotShank 2 Game Images

Shank 2 Game Trailer

Shank 2 System Requirements

System= Pentium IV CPU 1.7 GHz
RAM= 512 MB
Size= 630.5 MB
Video Memeory= 96 MB
OS= Windows 98 ME 2000 XP Vista 7 and Windows 8

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