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Final Fight Free Download PC Game Full Version

Final Fight Game Cover

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Final Fight represents straightforward arcade brawling at its absolute best. That the entire arcade game now fits in your pocket is quite frankly insane
Final Fight is the best game ever made. If you don’t agree with that statement, consider the following words: Bred, Andore Jr., G. Oriber, Edi E., Two P, and, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, Metro City Mayor Mike Haggar. These are some of the most unforgettable characters in gaming history, and they all appeared first in Final Fight. If you’re still not impressed, then stop reading now you won’t appreciate Final Fight One, an almost perfect translation of the arcade original.
In case you’re unfamiliar with the Final Fight legend, but were impressed by the list of characters and so are still reading, here’s the deal: Final Fight is the seminal side scrolling beat-’em up. Technically, Double Dragon may have come first, but Final Fight perfected the genre. Imagine Street Fighter if it wasn’t designed for monocle-wearing fancy lads. if it had a more meat and potatoes combat system, involved fighting a lot more than one enemy at a time, featured plenty of smashing barrels with your fist to see if there’s any treasure or hunks of meat inside, and required a lot more walking to the right. And then imagine that not only can you punish the thugs by pile-driving them, but you can also make them cry by busting up their cars. Then stop imagining, because it’s all contained in Final Fight.

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System= Pentium II CPU 233 MHz
RAM= 64 MB
Size= 10 MB
Video Memory= 16 MB
OS= Windows 98, XP, VIsta, 7 and Windows 8

Muhammad Niaz Instructions

Download and Extract with WinRAR
Install Game and Press “O” and “K” for game Start

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