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Muhammad Niaz

My Name is Muhammad Niaz from Karachi Pakistan. I am Graphics & WEB Designer, Programmer, Software Engineer and Hardware Technician.

Glass Theme For Windows 7 and 8

Glass Theme Cover

This theme glassy visual style with great usability. This package includes two Windows 7 and 8 themes, one regular, one glass theme. Super cool glossy pattern. Nice shell style. Nice taskbar. Nice Start orb. Very cool Windows 7 and Windows 8 theme. This is a great one! Stylish artistic and relaxing Windows 7 theme with a rainy background image and a …

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Berliner Fraktur Font Free Download

Berliner Fraktur Cover

Berliner Fraktur font is composed by broken strokes, adding a handmade feeling to this geometric kind of calligraphy, Designed with a flat brush and inspired by the modern fraktur from Rudolf Koch. Berliner Fraktur font contains some interesting alternates and ligatures that make this type more real. The aim was to create a font that doesn’t look like a font. Password= Download …

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Using Polygon Tool in CorelDRAW X7

CorelDRAW Polygon Tool Icon

This is CorelDRAW Class NO# 33, in this video tutorial you can learn how to working with Polygon tool in CorelDRAW X7 Version in Urdu Language OR Hindi Language, you can also learn covert to curves, Polygon Points, Polygon sides, Polygon Wrap text, Outline width, text direction, Mirror Horizontally, Mirror Vertically, Angle of rotation, Lock ratio, Scale Factor, Object Size, Object Position, Object …

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Using 3-Point Ellipse Tool in CorelDRAW X7

3-Point Ellipse Tool Icon

This is CorelDRAW Class NO# 32, in this video tutorial you can learn how to working with 3-Point ellipse tool in CorelDRAW X7 version in Urdu Language and Hindi Language, you can also learn Convert to curves, Wrap text, Outline width, change text direction, starting angle, 3-Point End angle, 3-Point Ellipse Arc, 3-Point Ellipse Pie, 3-Point Mirror Horizontally, 3-Point Mirror Vertically, Angle …

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