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Dreamsdwell Stories Games Collection Free Download

Dreamsdwell-Stories-Game-CollectionsDreamsdwell Stories Game Information

Dreamsdwell Stories 1: The dwellers of a colorful fantasy world are waiting for you to help them build a town. To do it you will need gems and gold. You can get them by magic, making chains of the spheres of one color. It may seem easy at the first sight but a real wizard knows that making a chain of 20, 30 or even 40 spheres is not that easy as it seems in the beginning. Each new dweller will try to help you. Some of them will give you magic bonuses; others will bring you resources to help you build new structures. And according to the old legend, once you and your friends finish building the magical town, Dragon will come and fulfil the dreams of all the dwellers. But this legend may come true only with your help.

Dreamsdwell Stories Features

Easy-to-learn game mechanic
150 unique levels
Rich graphics and sound
20 structures to build
10 dwellers
6 types of bonuses
Dreamsdwell Stories 2 Undiscovered Islands: Inhabitants of the Dreamsdwell Valley discover mysterious portal and are trying to explore it. At that time you appear from the Portal, magically teleported from our world. The most interesting thing is that you are not able to go back! The secret of the Portal awaits you, and it is the only way for you to find a way home. Connect magic spheres into long chains to earn gems and gold in order to help your old friends from fantasy world to build different structures on three new islands. Complete dweller’s quests, find new bonuses and talismans and sail the seas with a brave captain.
Innovative game mechanic
Three different islands
150 unique levels
13 bonuses
18 talismans

Dreamsdwell Stories game Official Trailer

Dreamsdwell Stories Game System Requirements
System= Pentium III CPU 900 MHz
RAM= 256 MB
Size= 36 MB, 70 MB
Video Memory= 32 MB
OS= Windows 98 ME 2000 XP Vista 7 and Windows 8

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Dreamsdwell Stories 1 — Dreamsdwell Stories 2

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