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Fire and Forget The Final Assault Highly Compressed Free Download


Fire & Forget The Final Assault in a world ravaged by thermonuclear war, where law and order are a distant memory, a terrorist group tries to launch the final attack that will lead the rest of humanity to its doom.

Equipped with the ultimate and most advanced governmental weapon called « Thunder Master III », you are the last resort, only you can stop them…

Fire and Forget is a shooting game featuring an amazing flying « tank » equiped with 2 deadly weapons. A manual aiming dual cannon and a rocket launcher with auto- guided missiles. While the vehicle move forward by itself at high speed, you just have to focus on avoiding obstacles and blasting the ennemies on your way.

  • Hundred of ennemies to blast in each level.
  • The ability to switch from driving to flying, and back.
  • Kept the original spirit of the game intact.
  • Missile lock-on is satisfying.
  • 10 challenging levels in all over a devastated post- apocalyptic world
  • Drive and fly the most advanced vehicle ever created
  • Destroy as much ennemies as you can to reach the best scores
  • Customize your vehicle with impressive skins and upgrades.

System= Pentium IV CPU 1.4 GHz

RAM= 256 MB
Size= 105 MB
Video Memory= 64 MB
OS= Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 & 8

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