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Babylon Translation and Dictionary Tool Free Download

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Babylon a dictionary that allows you to translate words from one language to another. Working with the dictionary is very simple after clicking on the word of interest, a window appears with its translation. In addition to translating words, the program includes English themed and explanatory dictionaries, and also has the functions of currency conversion at the current date and the transfer of measures from one system to another.
English-Urdu-Hindi and other dictionaries can be downloaded additionally from the developer’s site. In addition to the dictionary, which can be used at any time, with online work, Babylon allows you to take advantage of huge databases, concentrated in such glossaries as Britannica, Amazon, Accuweather and others.
Dictionaries and applications Babylon is more than 1400 sources of values ​​in 75 languages. The built-in database includes 25 professional dictionaries created in the company’s own linguistic laboratory in 17 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Hebrew, Chinese traditional, Chinese simplified, Russian, Dutch, Korean, Swedish, Greek , Arabic and Turkish. In addition, customers can purchase additional dictionaries and reference books of such series as Oxford University Press, Britannica, Merriam-Webster, Vox, Langenscheidt, Pons, Van Dale, Melhoramentos and Taishukan.

Key Features:
• Easy to use
• Babylon dictionaries for 77 languages;
• Verification of spelling;
• Function of pronouncing the words “Say It”;
• Instant activation with one click;
• Access to 2000 dictionaries and encyclopedias;
• Conversion of currencies, time and physical quantities with one click;
• A wide range of topics: science, technology, sports, medicine, military science, chord fingering, etc.

• Simple work – translations of texts, words, search for values, currency conversion, time zones and change units are performed in one click.
• Save time – Babylon does not interrupt current business processes and does not require switching between programs, manually searching for values, definitions, etc.
• Constant availability – the system integrates with any application, both desktop and web-services.
• Exact translation – translation of words corresponds to their vocabulary definition and context.
• Immediate results – the automatic work of the program allows employees to speed up business processes that require the translation of words and texts.
• Easy communication – effective communication due to the understanding of different languages ​​allows you to improve business processes and expand the company’s capabilities.

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Babylon NG Software ScreenshotsBabylon Software Preview

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  1. salam Alaikum brother Mohammed Niaz.
    Good day;
    I just want to thank you and I really appreciate what you do may ALLAH bless you
    thank you so very much indeed for your usual cooperation and support.

    Best regards.
    salah alkindi

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