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Resident Evil 3 PC Game Free Download

Resident Evil 3 Game Cover Resident Evil 3 Game Information

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis is action oriented survival horror  PC Video game. In this game where the player controls the on screen character from a third person perspective to interact with the environment and enemies. Jill Valentine is the sole protagonist and main controllable character of the game, with another character also being controllable for a brief portion of the game. To advance through the game, the player is challenged to explore the fictional Raccoon City while avoiding, outsmarting and defeating various types of enemies. The player can open doors, push certain objects, climb obstacles, and pick up items. All items collected are stored in an inventory that the player can access at any time. Items in the inventory can be used, examined, and combined to make new ones. The inventory is limited to a certain number of slots, and the player must often move items from the inventory to a storage box located in special rooms to manage space.
In combat, the player has the ability to dodge attacks, use firearms against enemies, and shoot certain objects like explosive barrels, causing them to explode and damage nearby enemies. The player can also run and perform a quick 180 degree turn to evade enemies. The player has a certain amount of health which decreases when attacked by enemies. The lower the player’s health is, the slower the player’s movement speed is. Nevertheless, players can increase their health by collecting and using herbs, which can be mixed with other herbs to increase their healing effect. The game also incorporates an ammunition creation system that allows players to create new ammunition from different varieties of gunpowder. In addition to engaging in combat, the player must often solve puzzles that focus on logical and conceptual challenges.

Resident Evil 3 Screenshots

Resident Evil 3 PC ScreenshotsResident Evil 3 Video Game ScreenshotsResident Evil 3 Nemesis Image Screenshot

Resident Evil 3 Official Game Trailer

Resident Evil 3 System Requirements
System= Pentium III CPU 1.0 GHz
RAM= 256 MB MB
Size= 589.9 MB
Video Memory= 64 MB
OS= Windows 98 ME 2000 XP Vista 7 and Windows 8

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