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Small Games Free Download

Flower Quest PC Game Free Download

Flower Quest is a puzzle game in which you rotate the branches of budding flowers to connect the plants one to another. Doing so removes the tiles on which they rest and allows other twigs and blossoms to drop onto the game board. Once all of the tiles have been cleared, you advance to the next level. You receive help …

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Fix-it-up Kate’s Adventure PC Game Free Download

Fix-it-up: Kate’s Adventure is Time Management game being predecessor of successful series of Fix-it-up games. In the form of comics and ingame dialogues it shows the story of young and resourceful Kate who after coming back home finds her dad in trouble with his own auto repair shop. As it comes out Kate has natural talent for both car fixing …

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Finding Doggy PC Game Free Download

Finding Doggy: Help Doggy find his way home in this delightful match-three romp! Create matches to reveal the path to the exit and watch as Doggy struts his stuff along the cobblestone trail! Earn the help of friends to overcome obstacles and beat exciting mini-games! And enjoy vibrant visuals and a heartwarming story written for the entire family! If you’ve …

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Fashion Season PC Game Free Download

Fashion Season casts you in the role of a boutique beauty that waits on the classiest ladies in town! To keep your customers looking stylish, you’ll have to grab trendy accessories as they scroll across the bottom of your screen and place them in corresponding shapes above. If you fill a shape that contains a coin, you’ll earn a little …

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Fashion Rush PC Game Free Download

Fashion Rush: Meet Satine, a young wannabe Fashion Designer. Help her become successful and famous in the fashion world. Share Satine’s life and find out if she can manage a successful career and a great love story. Fashion Rush will allow you to create your own clothing collection. This fast-paced game is crafted with beautiful graphics and will offer hours of great challenge. Unlock …

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Fairies and Dark Magician PC Game Free Download

Fairies and Dark Magician: In the Kingdom of fairies something happened. Someone was stealing small and defenseless inhabitants of the Kingdom of the fairies. Can You unravel this mystery? Can You help the little fairies. Features 3 levels of difficulty 15 spells 36 logical levels 150 levels of the game System= Pentium III CPU 733 MHz RAM= 256 MB Size= …

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