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Muhammad Niaz

My Name is Muhammad Niaz from Karachi Pakistan. I am Graphics & WEB Designer, Programmer, Software Engineer and Hardware Technician.

Prison Tycoon 4 Supermax PC Game Free Download

Prison Tycoon 4 Supermax is a business simulation computer game for the PC. Prison Tycoon 4 Supermax introduced several improvements, including a brand new graphics engine, advisers, more control over aspects of the game, such as the closing/opening of gates, underground tunnels, and more. Hard Time is Money Build a profitable privately run prison from the ground up. Every wall, every fence, every …

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Future Cop LAPD PC Game Free Download

Future Cop LAPD is a third Person shooter Game. This Game published and developed by Electronic Arts. In Future Cop LAPD game, players assume the role of a pilot for the X1-Alpha, a robot designed to fight in the “Crime War” in Los Angeles in the year 2098. The X1-Alpha is a police vehicle that can transform between a fast, hovering pursuit vehicle, …

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Adobe Photoshop Topic 43 Marble Effect

In this video learning tutorial you can learn in Adobe Photoshop CC How to Create Marble Texture Effect/ Marble Effect in Urdu Language and Hindi Language By Sir Muhammad Niaz. also learn how to save Style, Blending Options, Drop Shadow, Inner Glow, Pattern Overlay, Color Overlay, Stroke, Bevel & Emboss and Many More. Adobe Photoshop Home Page – Adobe Photoshop Download …

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Virtua Cop 1 PC Game Free Download

Virtua Cop 1 is a 1st Person light-gun shooter arcade game created by Sega AM2 and headed by Yu Suzuki. Players assume the role of police officers in a first-person perspective and use a light gun to shoot criminals and advance through the game, with penalties for shooting civilians. The players could also shoot powerups that grants him a weapon or a …

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Portal PC Game Highly Compressed Free Download

Portal is a 1st Person Puzzle Platform video game developed by Valve Corporation. Portal Game primarily comprises a series of puzzles that must be solved by teleporting the player’s character and simple objects using “the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device”, a device that can create inter-spatial portals between two flat planes. The player-character, Chell, is challenged by an artificial intelligence …

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The Walking Dead 2 Episode 3 Game Free Download

The Walking Dead Season Two Episode 3 was released on May 13, 2014 for PC. The episode starts with Clementine staring at a butterfly on a tree. Sarah is with her, and it is hinted that they took a bathroom rest in the woods. Sarah then thanks Clementine for not leaving her and the rest of the group when Carver held them captive …

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