Muhammad Niaz

My Name is Muhammad Niaz from Karachi Pakistan. I am Graphics & WEB Designer, Programmer, Software Engineer and Hardware Technician.

Halo Zero PC Game Free Download

Halo Zero is a fan made 2D sidescroller shoot ’em up PC Game. The game’s plot is loosely based on the Fall of Reach before Halo: Combat Evolved took place. Halo Zero of the main character, so that they can leave the chaotic planet! Here you different weapons available. The 2D game you control via keyboard or via the mouse. System= Pentium …

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Darksiders II PC Game Free Download

Darksiders II is an action Role Playing Hack and Slash Video Game. Darksiders II is parallel to the previous game. The Four Horsemen (War, Strife, Fury, and Death) are the last of the Nephilim, fusions of angels and demons who waged war on creation. To preserve the balance of the Universe, the Four, tired of conquest, received incredible powers from the …

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Using Knife Tool in CorelDRAW X7

This is CorelDRAW Topic NO 15, in this Video Tutorial you can learn How to Working with Knife Tool in CorelDRAW X7 in Urdu and Hindi Language By Sir Muhammad Niaz. Knife tool provides you with in-depth training on Design. Watch this Video tutorial and also share with your Friends. CorelDRAW Topic Homepage – CorelDRAW Download Link

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SAW The Video Game Free Download

Saw The Video Game is a survival horror Video Game. In Saw, The Jigsaw Killer has healed Detective David Tapp from his gunshot wound, and places him in an abandoned insane asylum to teach him a lesson in life appreciation. Obsessed, Tapp traverses the asylum and gathers clues along the way in hopes of finally apprehending Jigsaw. As he progresses through the …

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Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Highly Compressed Free Download

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 is a tactical Shooter Video Game. The game starts with player taking control of private security consultant Captain Cole Anderson, in the Philippines, with CIA Special Agent Diaz making their way to an old Russian radar post to destroy it while working on a tip that some mercenaries had assembled there to broker a deal for a …

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Test Drive Unlimited 2 PC Game Free Download

Test Drive Unlimited 2 is an open world racing video game. Test Drive Unlimited 2 includes a variety of roads, sports cars, and bikes based on models from a handful of manufacturers; It also includes four wheel drive SUVs, a new feature for the series which is looked upon by the community as being subpar. The plot revolves around an unknown …

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