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Are You Keeping Up with Your Competition?

There are so many concerns for you to juggle in business that focusing on your own progress can often feel like a much more sensible approach than worrying about what your competitors may or may not be doing. This is often true, but it’s important to keep an eye on how this might play into audience perception of your brand.


Sometimes it will be a positive thing, showcasing you as being unique and focused on your own level of quality. Other times, though, it might lead to gulfs in areas that you’ve neglected, which might skew this view toward you more negatively.

Are You Keeping Up with Your Competition

What’s Your Metric?

First of all, it’s important to establish what kind of metric you’re using to compare yourself. If the competitors that you’re focusing on are much larger than you, it’s going to result in a situation where you need to compare yourself to them in a way that takes this difference in scale into account.

That’s not to say that you can afford to do less, but it’s important to understand how you’re comparing yourself to them. If it’s something that’s dependent on how many more people they hire, or how many more resources they have access to, you might find that you’re not being constructive about how you can improve.


This means that you have room to make up some of the slack by focusing your attention on specific areas. There can be a certain pressure to be good at everything when you feel as though you’re behind, but this isn’t necessary. You only need to excel in the areas that matter most to your brand.

If you’re interested in the quality of your product, that alongside effective marketing might be enough to make your business a fierce rival to a much larger competitor. However, if you’re more interested in the digital customer experience, you might focus on delivering an effective and enjoyable website, potentially with the use of APIs and API gateway security that can connect your customers seamlessly to other digital utilities. If these choices improve the perception that audiences have of your brand, it might not matter that some areas aren’t as refined as others.


The issue of marketing might be one to focus on, as it could be all that it takes. If you’re confident in what you offer, it might be enough for you to simply increase awareness of your brand so audiences can decide for themselves.

Haphazardly just focusing on casting a wider net might not have the impact that you’re hoping for, however, and it might not be enough to effectively communicate why a customer should choose you over your competitors. Once again, you need to embrace that idea of precision, running marketing campaigns that serve a specific purpose and use research to persuade a certain audience. While promotional campaigns might feel as though they could be riskier for smaller businesses, they could be an efficient way of allowing you to get your foot in the door with new audiences if you feel the need to expand.

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