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How to Make Smart Football Betting

Set yourself a limit when placing football bets so as to limit losses while keeping focus on winning. Doing this allows for smart football betting decisions.

Analysis of matchups and statistics to uncover opportunities the oddsmakers might have missed is essential in finding hidden opportunities in betting markets. Search out team and player trends such as yards per game, touchdowns scored, sacks allowed, completion percentage or completion rates as an indicator.

How to Make Smart Football Betting

Smart Football Straight bets

Straight bets provide an easy and straightforward way to place wagers without resorting to parlays or teasers. But for optimal payouts, some research should be conducted – including analysing past performance data, injury reports and current news regarding teams involved, comparing odds from different bookmakers before placing your bet and considering multiple bookmaker bets as potential solutions.

Moneyline bets are the easiest to understand form of straight betting on football. By picking one team to win an event and selecting their score correctly or pushing (tieing the expected outcome), these bets offer high returns but with lower payout potential than other forms.

Totals betting is an easy-to-use straight bet that involves wagering on the total number of points, goals or runs scored in an event. If your prediction is more realistic, your payout will increase accordingly.

Parlay bets

Parlays are popular in sports betting due to their higher returns compared to individual bets, yet can also be riskier. If one bet loses, the entire parlay is gone forever – therefore, it’s essential that you know your limits before placing one.

Parlays can be used when betting on NFL games to combine individual wagers on spreads, totals or exotics into a single bet with player props such as halves and quarters bets, alternate game spreads and team totals into one bet.

Teaser bets in football are an increasingly popular way to increase the payout of parlays, offering the opportunity to move point spreads either way by an specified number of points, typically three, seven or 10. For instance, switching the Falcons +10.5 to +17.5 crosses both three and seven point changes simultaneously while shifting the Colts from 8-4 crosses both eight and seven.

Parlays can also be an excellent way to capitalize on heavy favorites that would otherwise be unprofitable to bet on individually due to low payouts, such as 49ers over Cardinals, Eagles over Patriots and Chiefs over Bears (for example). A parlay could produce an enhanced odds payout of $385!

Futures bets

Futures betting entails wagering on outcomes that occur in the future, such as team championships or individual player’s regular-season stats. Futures bets can be fun to place but can tie up part of your bankroll for months or years until their returns become visible. Luckily, sportsbooks offer numerous futures markets like Super Bowl futures, Championship odds, conference winners, Divisional titles and much more to keep bettors engaged and invested – these range from Super Bowl futures and championship odds all the way through Super Bowl futures to championship odds, conference winners, divisional titles and more!

An amateur bettor might assume that futures bet odds represent an accurate representation of bookmakers’ predictions about teams and players for an entire season, when in reality these odds can change based on several different factors – for instance the Heisman Trophy Winner futures market provides bettors an opportunity to place bets on which college football player will win this honorable award.


Teasers are a type of parlay bet that allow bettors to adjust point spreads in multiple games for a lower payout, typically in football and with two-to-four teams involved. As more teams join a teaser ticket, its odds decrease but its potential returns increase. Therefore, it is vital to understand all nuances of the game and bet accordingly.

A traditional teaser usually involves moving the point spread for all participating teams by a modest number of points; usually six in football and four or five in basketball. By doing this, bettors move all points spreads in this teaser by this amount; this strategy often works well when final scores fall around key numbers like three, six, seven or 10; using teasers off these numbers may be beneficial but be mindful when trying to move it through zero; doing so often wastes your time!

Odds comparison tool

Odds comparison tools are an efficient and time-saving way to bet on football games, saving both time and money by highlighting the top lines and leading you to the sportsbook with the lowest price. Furthermore, using such tools enables users to compare prices on multiple selections such as accumulators or trebles at once.

Moneylines, spreads and over/under bets can all be found within football games; each being determined by how many points each team scored; some bettors may even place correct score bets based on an informed guess about how the final outcome may pan out.

Finding better odds can make a substantial difference to your winnings over time, so using an odds-comparison tool to identify the optimal moneyline odds, spreads and totals for every game is of vital importance. Our tool features the opening line odds as well as current ones to help guide your decision.

Smart Football Sportsbooks

Sportsbooks provide an opportunity for you to wager on all kinds of sporting events. You can find one online, as well as in states that have legalized sports betting. When selecting a sportsbook, be sure that it offers competitive odds and payment options; additionally, be aware of its local regulations for each state you visit.

Multi-game parlays are bets which combine two or more bets on separate games or contests into a single bet, and can be more difficult to win than straight bets, yet still yield significant returns.

Online sportsbooks offering live streaming allow users to watch games alongside odds and stats in a window, such as FanDuel or DraftKings; their mobile apps offer fast performance with clean design features.

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