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Adobe illustrator 2020 How to Install Free Download & Activate (Urdu/Hindi)

illustrator 2020 Cover

Adobe illustrator 2020 information

This article provides how to Free Download, Install and Activate (Registration) Adobe illustrator 2020 in Urdu Hindi Language. You can also learn about System Requirements Processor, RAM, Storage, Operating System, WinRAR, Extraction, ISO File Format and many more so Watch Learn and must Share with your Friends.

Adobe illustrator System Requirements Cover

System= Intel Multicore x64 or AMD Athlon 64
RAM= 8 GB  (16 GB recommended)
Storage= 2 GB
Size= 1.91 GB
Resolution= 1024 x 768 display (1920 x 1080 recommended)
Graphics= 1 GB of VRAM (4 GB recommended)
OS= Windows 10

Adobe illustrator 2020 installation

Adobe illustrator 2020 installation Instruction

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Download Link= illustrator 2020WinRARIDM

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  1. AOA Bhai.
    me adobe illustrator use krna chahta ho konsy system me use ho sakta he kindly system requirements bata den. Shukriya

  2. Aoa.
    Core i5 4G
    8 GB ram
    2G graphics card
    128 Ssd
    Window 10 pro
    Illustrator install ho jie ga is mn

  3. bhai yeh ma free usse kar sakta hun argent ha bss 1 week k liye

  4. I need Illustrator 2022

  5. Salam, sir can you please give illustrator solution for MacBook m1?

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