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Bourgeois Font Family Free Download

Bourgeois Font Cover Bourgeois Font Information

Bourgeois family is a font from Virus available in 32 different variations. The Bourgeois family live a very normal life. The Bourgeois family believe in the environment as long as it doesn’t inconvenience their lifestyle. The Bourgeois family believe in people’s right to protest the but disapprove of violence in an utterly conventional way. The Bourgeois family can’t see why sexism is an issue because it isn’t to them. The Bourgeois family would like to help the world’s big problems, trouble is they only know how to discuss small ones. The Bourgeois family would like to work in jobs that directly help people but they just cant afford the salary drop. The Bourgeois family don’t see racism as a problem as they don’t meet many black people in their daily lives. The Bourgeois family believe in rebellion against the previous generation, but rigidly follow the conventions of their own peer group. The Bourgeois family want ‘freedom’ but they don’t realise what that means, they just use it as a rhetorical statement.

Bourgeois Font Screenshots

Bourgeois Font Family ScreenshotsBourgeois Bold Font PreviewBourgeois Light Font Demo

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