Dungeon Lords MMXII PC Game Free Download


Dungeon Lords MMXII is a real time fantasy role playing video game. The great wizard Galdryn of the Meadows has been slain be a deadly conspiracy within the Circle of Mages. His chief ally, Lord Davenmor, now struggles to save his kingdom from the dark forces of the conspiracy and the onslaught of Lord Barrowgrim’s army of marauders. Lord Davenmor has promised his daughter’s hand in marriage to Lord Barrowgrim to quell the invasion, but her heart belongs to another and after learning of her father’s pledge, she has vanished. Sensing treachery, Lord Barrowgrim has sent his army once more to destroy Lord Davenmor and raze the kingdom. Thus begins Dungeon Lords, a tale of Love, Hate, Betrayal, Revenge, Honor, and Evil.

System= Pentium D CPU 2.0 GHz
Size= 4.05 GB
Video Memory= 128 MB
OS= Windows XP Vista 7 and Windows 8

Password= www.muhammadniaz.net
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  1. Update Your DirectX and Display Driver
    DirectX http://goo.gl/Dyf4m2
    Display Driver http://goo.gl/UuFrwS

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