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3D Studio MAX 9 (32 Bit & 64 Bit) Free Download

3D Studio MAX 9 Cover

Autodesk 3ds Max 9 across several functional areas, including Animation, Backburner, Batch Rendering, Biped, Editable Poly, Editable Mesh, Hair, Materials, Maxscript, mental ray, Reactor, Render to Texture, SDK and UV Unwrap. With the recent additions of Maya and MotionBuilder to its lineup, Autodesk joins the pantheon of software giants leading the VFX and animation industry. However, with such a lofty perch come some high expectations from both large and small studios. If the recent release of 3ds Max 9 (and Maya 8) is indicative of the quality, innovation and performance Autodesk users can expect, then the future seems bright.
64-Bit Optimization
3ds Max 9 is now ready for the latest 64-bit technology, which means users can benefit from greater memory access. In ideal situations, this also means greatly accelerated performance. The advantages of 64-bit technology become most obvious when working with very large datasets or complex animation. In other words, those working with tens of millions of polygons are most likely to notice a difference.
Autodesk has addressed viewport display issues with significant optimizations to DirectX which, unlike the 64-bit update, are immediately apparent. The company has not only considerably improved vertex and edge display, bounding box and spline display and new hidden-line display debuts, but also promises faster interaction. If you prefer OpenGL, though, you’re out of luck- the speedy benefits work only with DirectX. Bitmap Proxy is another notable step up- it swaps high-res images for low-res proxies, increasing display speed and improving overall performance.

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