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Terminator 3 Game Highly Compressed Free Download

Terminator 3 Game Cover

Terminator 3 War of the Machines is a 1st Person shooter Game for PC made by Hungarian and Published By Muhammad Niaz. Players can join the Skynet terminators, or the human resistance. The multiplayer is provided through GameSpy. It was not well received, and was called a “bad imitation of Battlefield 1942.
The inevitable battle between man and machine has begun. War ravages the land as hardened Tech-Com fighters defend John Connor and others against the mechanized onslaught of the CRS force. This epic cinematic conflict, recreated from the phenomenal Terminator films, places first-person shooter fans at the very center of the uprising. Throughout high-powered multiplayer and single-player missions, combatants fight in apocalyptic landscapes – a decimated downtown Los Angeles, a battered ocean harbor, devastated highways – struggling for survival. Only the strongest will avert catastrophe and save human existence.

System= Pentium IV CPU 2.0 GHz
RAM= 512 MB
Size= 375.43 MB
Video Memeory= 96 MB
OS= Windows 98 ME 2000 XP Vista 7 and Windows 8

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  2. niaz bro very much nice work you are doing. apriciated. bro i have a problem with terminator game when ever em playing it screen is black its is starting but when a mission is started this is happening

  3. please upload watch dogs highly compressed awesome site by the way

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