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Using Rectangle Tool in CorelDRAW X7

Rectangle tool icon

Using Rectangle Tool in CorelDRAW X7 This is CorelDRAW Class NO# 29, in this video tutorial you can learn how to working with Rectangle tool with practical in Urdu Language and Hindi Language. you can also learn in rectangle tool, Object Position, Object Size, Scale factor, Lock Ratio, Angle of Rotation, Mirror Horizontally, mirror vertically, Round Corner, scalloped corner, Chamfered corner, Corner ...

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Blogger Mobile and Email Settings in Urdu and Hindi

Blogger Mobile and Email Cover

This is Blogger Class NO 8, in this video tutorial you can learn how to using mobile and email settings in blogger in Urdu language and Hindi language. The Mail to Blogger feature turns any email account into a blog posting application. In Settings, Mobile and email you can create a Mail to Blogger address which you will use to send ...

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Using Artistic Media Tool in CorelDRAW X7


This is CorelDRAW Class # 28, in this video tutorial you can learn how to working with Artistic media tool in CorelDRAW X7 in Urdu Language and Hindi Language. you can also learn Artistic media Preset, Artistic media Brush, Artistic media Sprayer, Artistic media Calligraphic, Artistic media Pressure, Artistic media Category, Brush Stroke, Browse, Save Artistic media Stroke, Delete, Freehand Smoothing, Stroke width, Scale, Stroke width object, Bounding ...

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Batman Arkham City Theme for Windows 7


Batman Arkham City is a Windows 7 theme. Windows 7 Theme Pack theme for Batman Arkham City Batman Arkham City in 30 high-quality wallpapers and contains a color changing system. Icons, sounds, skins or mouse gesture is unchanged.  Package Arkham Asylum, Arkham City High Quality 3 person action sequel consists of 30 official wallpapers. Wallpapers are immediately recognizable monochrome scheme ...

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Sevida Template for Blogger Free Download


Sevida is the premium responsive blog and magazine template for Blogger fans. This template shows you how cool and flexible Blogspot magazine template can be. Sevida Responsive Magazine Blogger Template Features: 1. 100% Responsive 2. Auto Featured Post from JSON (Slideshow) * 3. Manual Featured Post Work with Image Widget(Slideshow) New 4. Support Advance Editor: upload background images, change background ...

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